Rebecca Bair

Rebecca Bair is a Vancouver-based interdisciplinary artist and recent MFA graduate from Emily Carr University of Art and Design. She has received numerous awards and recognition, including the Governor General's gold medal and features in Canadian Art Magazine. Bair has shown her work at the Vancouver and Surrey Art Galleries and is a sessional professor at Emily Carr and a teaching fellow at the Ontario College of Art and Design University. Her work focuses on celebrating Black plurality and enabling interpersonal and intercultural care, using it as a way to uncover, redefine and express the complexities of history and identity.

Olumoroti Soji-George

Olumoroti Soji-George (He/They) is a curator, film theorist, writer, and educator based in Vancouver, BC. He is currently an MA candidate in contemporary art studies at SFU and curator at the Black Arts Centre in Surrey, BC. Olumoroti's curatorial focus is on exploring the multifaceted ways Blackness is embodied in the arts and how Black contemporary artists present a post-modern perspective on Blackness. He envisions accessible and community-centered art spaces and aims to explore narratives related to a police-free future, especially in relation to the Black Male Body. He believes in using space to reflect the agency and lived experiences of underrepresented individuals.

Arshi Chadha

Arshi Chadha is a video and performance artist with ties to the community of Surrey having attended high school and grown up there. The lack of youth representation in the arts and accessibility to the arts drives her to ensure that she plays a part in creating that space. Arshi’s purpose at BLAC and at everything she does is to help create an inclusive environment for black artists and create accessibility to art for the community.

Hafiz Akinlusi

Hafiz Akinlusi holds a degree in Economics from Simon Fraser University, and is focused on developing more sustainable, and equitable systems. He has worked in various roles spanning from tech to finance, and is now focused on the arts. He is specifically interested in ensuring more equitable distribution of resources to black, Indigenous and other BIPOC artists. He is also one of the founders of Madebywe; a collective that uses different mediums to explore ideas around identity and community. He is also currently learning to play the piano.

Vanessa Fajemisin

Vanessa Fajemisin (she/her) is a student, writer, producer, cultural curator and consultant based in Vancouver, BC working as a co-director at Solid State Community Industries, a co-op incubator in the heart of Surrey. Passionate about all things arts, culture and media, much of Vanessa’s writing and work focuses on the intersections of digital culture, art, Blackness, community, and sociological theories. In addition to her work in Surrey, she is also a senior writer at Tokyo-based magazine and a member of Black-owned and operated collaborative project and creative consultant agency Made by We. In her free time, she enjoys DJing, SUP and working at a doggy daycare. Vanessa is the recipient of the CANIE 2021 Black Entrepenuer Award and the Surrey Board of Trade’s ’25 under 25’ Award.


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